I’m not like them, but i can pretend.



Hey guys! Time for my 3rd ever giveaway! This one is kind of interesting because I can’t purchase things until I find out the winner’s size. Anyway, this is a Hi My Name Is Mark/Macbeth Footwear giveaway! Prizes are as follows:

1. HMNIM patch set
2. Macbeth Allman bracelet (in color of your choice, providing I can get it off the site or in the store, I just put the photo of the red one)
3. CHOICE OF one HMNIM shirt (from the 3 pictured above)
4. CHOICE OF two Macbeth Footwear shirts (from the 6 pictured above)

Shirts and bracelet will be purchased after choosing a winner and consulting said winner. As of right now all the shirt options are available in all sizes. If that changes by the end of the giveaway, you can pick a different shirt. With the bracelets, if I cannot find your color then we’ll discuss it.


-must be following me
-no giveaway blogs
-multiple reblogs will count, spamming will not count
-likes do not count
-giveaway closes July 20th, 11:59PM PDT.
-winner will have 24hrs to respond to my message - after that, I will pick a different winner
-I will cover shipping (and all costs) and ship anywhere in the world

Why are you doing this?
Simple. I live in San Diego County and I have easy access to this stuff…a lot of people cannot get these companies’ products for one reason or another, and I want to give people a chance to have some HMNIM and Macbeth merch.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please inbox me. <3

Just under 13hrs left in this giveaway!!!